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Stop piling through stacks of resumes. ClearFit’s patented job-fit technology will instantly identify which applicants are most likely to succeed. It’s proven to be 5X more effective at predicting success than traditional hiring – and it’s super easy. Just look for the big green checkmarks. Learn More

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Want to clone your top employees? It’s easy with ClearFit. Have your top performers complete our 12-minute survey. Use the survey results to create a custom hiring profile so you can instantly identify which applicants have the same “magic” as your top performers. Learn More

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Award Winning Service

Winner of the Stevie Award for the 2015 Customer Service Team of the Year, ClearFit assigns every customer a dedicated Hiring Coach that ensures you’re entire experience is world class. Want to offload the entire hiring process? Learn more about our extremely affordable Concierge service.

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Some of Our Happy Customers

Some of our Happy Customers