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ClearFit is revolutionizing hiring for small and medium-sized businesses, by making it fast and easy for anyone to find and hire employees that succeed. Our vision is a world where the right people are in the right jobs, resulting in happier employees and more productive organizations.

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    • Ben Baldwin



      Ben is the Founder of ClearFit. He's founded two successful software companies, holds multiple patents, is an active writer, speaker, and startup mentor... and ex-rower who lost a bet that he could cox an eight without sinking it.

    • Jamie Schneiderman



      Jamie is a Harvard MBA with over 18 years experience building Fortune 500 businesses such as Procter Gamble and Coca-Cola as well as tech startups. He loves eating from the kids' menu but hates hugs from anyone other than family.

    • Wilson Lee



      As CFO at ClearFit, Wilson works closely with the management team to help set our financial targets and then track our performance. When he is not doing CFO stuff, he likes to jam with his '59 Les Paul guitar and turn the volume up to "11."

    • Carolyn Mably


      Manager - Finance & Admin

      Carolyn is responsible for EVERYTHING... invoicing, reporting, payroll, and day-to-day office activities. She plays and loves to watch tennis, and is also anxiously awaiting the Stanley Cup’s return to Toronto!

    • Chris Billetz


      Head of Business Development

      Chris joins us with over 15 years in the internet recruiting space. When not travelling or meeting new people, Chris enjoys woodworking, projects around his home, and the occasional adult beverage.

    • Patrick McNeill


      Director of Customer Success

      As the Director of Customer Success Patrick makes finding and hiring the best people a great experience for our customers. You might also spot him in the cold hockey rinks of Toronto as a player, coach, and fan of the game.

    • Noam Hamovitch


      Hiring Coach

      As a Hiring Coach, Noam assists employers through the hiring process and is one of our account managers. Born and raised in Toronto, you can find him carrying out shut downs on the basketball court.

    • Ciarán Hehir


      Hiring Coach

      Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, he moved to Toronto in 2013 and became a Hiring Coach with ClearFit. As a dedicated sports fanatic, Ciaran is also a passionate and avid "Hurler" (Irish National Sport), which he has played from a young age.

    • Jordana Cohen


      Hiring Coach

      Jordana is the first point of contact for all our new customers. Hailing from the West Coast, she is an avid skier and soccer player. She also collects photos of celebrities holding her photo from sixth grade, such as Roberto Luongo, Penn & Teller, George W. Bush, and Zac Efron.

    • Jorge Torres


      Hiring Coach

      Jorge was born in Costa Rica, however despite being raised in Toronto he is still trying to acclimatize to the unforgiving Canadian winters. At ClearFit, he hopes to forge relationships and help guide recruiters on their quest to hiring the right candidates. Jorge is an avid sports fan, with a particular love for futbol.

    • Ashwin Abraham


      Hiring Coach

      As a self-proclaimed global citizen, Ashwin spent the early years of his life growing up in Europe and the Middle East. Joining ClearFit as a Hiring Coach, he is also a devout Man City fan and a woefully talented singer.

    • Christine Burchert


      Director of Sales

      Christine is a mom of two and enjoys movies, comedy clubs, long hikes and reading the National Enquirer on a dock in the summer... but that's more of a guilty pleasure than a hobby.

    • Mike Zaslavsky


      Business Development Rep

      Mike is that super-friendly guy who reaches out to businesses that would most benefit from using ClearFit. In his spare time, he obsessively buys and sells stuff on eBay such as vinyl records, video games, and old ads and signs.

    • Pablo Muzlera


      Manager, Business Development

      As a passionate latino Pablo brings a taste of salsa to ClearFit focusing on sales. On his spare time Pablo loves to longboard, play tennis and spend as much time on the Florida beaches sun tanning with his Wife and Son Gabriel.

    • Jeff Tchadjeu


      Account Sales Specialist

      Jeff was born at a young age and has gotten older ever since. He joined ClearFit to help expand its sales efforts and is tasked with helping prospective customers realize the benefits that ClearFit can bring to their hiring process.

    • David Kelleher


      Account Sales Specialist

      As an Account Sales Specialist, David combines prospecting into new businesses and also making sure key customers are seeing the full value of ClearFit. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is an avid golfer, a huge rugby and soccer fan, and also enjoys keeping fit and socializing with friends.

    • Kim Phelan


      VP Product Management

      As VP of Product Management, Kim's goal is to create a remarkable experience for every customer. Over the last fifteen years, she has honed her craft at some great tech companies. In her spare time Kim dabbles in interior decorating, watercolour, and craft beers.

    • Fabien Barrillot


      Product Manager

      Fab is a data masher and super tall French dude. He was previously a continent-hopping student and business consultant through a Master's degree in Innovation Management.

    • Oz Nazilli


      Product Manager

      As Product Manager, Oz makes sure we build the right products for the right people, with a focus on mobile and the candidate experience.

    • Martin Crawford


      Director of Engineering

      Maker of software by day, maker of music by night. Martin plays guitar and lap steel for his band.

    • Alan Cerclier


      BI Analyst

      Simply put, Alan is ClearFit’s resident Data Yoda. He joined ClearFit in 2013 to dig into all the data, make sense of it, and ultimately enable smart data-driven decisions. Alan was born in Brittany, France, and enjoys traditional Breton dance and music of the pipes and bombard.

    • Sina Jahan


      Senior Developer

      As a senior developer at ClearFit, Sina rebuilds, fixes, and ships software on a daily basis. In his spare time, he’s an avid reader, claiming that he can recommend a book on just about any topic in which you’re interested.

    • Joe Drew


      UI/UX Developer

      Joe makes ClearFit's web app swoosh. When he's not deep in the code mines, he's helping make Toronto a better place to live by volunteering his time at Cycle Toronto and CodeRedTO.

    • Izzat Bamieh


      QA Lead

      As QA lead, Izzy's eagle eyes detect bugs and usability issues, then assigns tasks to the developers to fix them. Because of this, he thinks everyone hates him but we all know he's a sweet and loveable person.

    • Kelly Zhang


      Quality Analyst

      As the Quality Analyst at Clearfit, Kelly ensures that no bugs will be left unnoticed. Aside from work, she enjoys exploring the world and making all types of delicious dishes.

    • Mitch Solway


      VP Marketing

      Mitch loves building Canadian brands. Prior to joining the ClearFit team Mitch lead marketing for Lavalife, FreshBooks, and Vidyard. He likes Texas hold’em, and magic.

    • Sydney Finn


      Digital Marketing Specialist

      Sydney helps ClearFit reach new customers through search engine marketing and analyzes all the data to see what works. She's also a huge animal lover.

    • Paul Buen


      Web Designer

      Paul joined ClearFit as a web designer in 2013. He's also designed websites for the CBC and Masterfile Corporation. When not eyeball-deep in CSS, he loves to watch live bands, find cool/funny/weird stuff online, snowboard (badly), and play the ukulele (also badly).

    • Donald Cowper


      Head of Content Marketing

      After a brief stint as a child actor on SCTV Donald went back to school and had to do homework like everyone else. Sometime later, he became an entrepreneur, business coach, best-selling author and content marketing professional. He enjoys playing the piano and thinks food is delicious.

    • Steve Watt


      Director - Acquisition Marketing

      Steve heads up acquisition marketing at ClearFit. He loves disruptive businesses that deliver great customer experiences. @steve_watt1

    • Jordan Resnick



      Jordan joined ClearFit as a copyeditor and project manager in March, 2012. He now helps out with all sorts of content-related odds and ends, such as articles, blogs, emails, videos, ads, and more.

    • You


      Our next rockstar

      We're creating a revolution in hiring — come be part of it! We're often looking for developers, marketers, and Hiring Coaches. Visit our ClearFit Careers page for current openings.

    • Vision

      Our vision is a world where the right people are in the right jobs, resulting in happier employees and more productive organizations.


      • Bring passion

      • We speak up because we want to do what’s right for our customers and the company.

      • Keep improving

      • We think big, constantly learning and growing, because good isn’t good enough.

      • Be fair

      • We treat everyone with respect, putting ourselves in their shoes and aiming for a win-win.

      • Best idea rules

      • We bring out the best in each other, because it’s not about ego, it’s about doing what’s best for the business.

      • Have fun

      • We’re not always funny, but we enjoy laughing together and at ourselves.

  • Wanted

    • Brilliant people to lead a hiring revolution.
    • Must enjoy transforming an industry.
    • '9 to 5'ers need not apply


    • Competitive salary with employee stock option plan.
    • Gym membership supplement to Goodlife.
    • Paid holidays and plenty of vacation.
    • Minutes from Yonge subway, in the heart of midtown Toronto.
    • Generous health, vision, dental coverage.
    • Unlimited drinks, coffee, and snacks.
    • Incredible location, with tons of amenities nearby.
    • Latest model Mac computer and huge monitor.