Our Team

  • Jamie Schneiderman



    Jamie is a Harvard MBA with over 18 years experience building Fortune 500 businesses such as Procter Gamble and Coca-Cola as well as tech startups. He loves eating from the kids' menu but hates hugs from anyone other than family.

  • Mike Domazet


    VP of Sales

    Mike leads efforts in Sales and Customer Success and is passionate about delivering value to clients through new innovative technologies. When not enjoying time with his wife and two children, you might spot him around Toronto cycling or sipping an espresso.

  • Atul Gupta


    Atul is a graduate from Queen’s University and worked at Crossmark Canada and Caliper Canada before joining ClearFit. Atul and his wife Shirley have three children. He is actively involved in minor hockey and manages two competitive teams in the Greater Toronto Hockey League.

  • Kim Phelan


    VP Product Management

    As VP of Product Management, Kim's goal is to create a remarkable experience for every customer. Over the last fifteen years, she has honed her craft at some great tech companies. In her spare time Kim dabbles in interior decorating, watercolour, and craft beers.

  • Wilson Lee



    As CFO at ClearFit, Wilson works closely with the management team to help set our financial targets and then track our performance. When he is not doing CFO stuff, he likes to jam with his '59 Les Paul guitar and turn the volume up to 11.

  • Carolyn Mably


    Manager - Finance & Admin

    Carolyn is responsible for EVERYTHING... invoicing, reporting, payroll, and day-to-day office activities. She plays and loves to watch tennis, and is also anxiously awaiting the Stanley Cup’s return to Toronto!

  • Ciarán Hehir


    Account Executive

    Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, he moved to Toronto in 2013 and became a Hiring Coach with ClearFit. As a dedicated sports fanatic, Ciaran is also a passionate and avid "Hurler" (Irish National Sport), which he has played from a young age.

  • Jorge Torres


    Hiring Coach

    Jorge was born in Costa Rica, however despite being raised in Toronto he is still trying to acclimatize to the unforgiving Canadian winters. At ClearFit, he hopes to forge relationships and help guide recruiters on their quest to hiring the right candidates. Jorge is an avid sports fan, with a particular love for futbol.

  • Ashwin Abraham


    Hiring Coach

    As a self-proclaimed global citizen, Ashwin spent the early years of his life growing up in Europe and the Middle East. Joining ClearFit as a Hiring Coach, he is also a devout Man City fan and a woefully talented singer.

  • Dave Strang


    Product Manager

    Dave is passionate about helping people and organizations find the right fit for a job. Having past careers in mechanical engineering and professional services, he now knows what it feels like to be a strong fit. In his spare time he enjoys a wide variety of sports including triathlons, soccer and olympic-style weightlifting, mainly to collect sweet sports gear.

  • Daria Yurchenko


    UI/UX Designer

    Daria is all things creative at ClearFit. She doodles, she designs, she creates, all in a days work. If this UI/UX thing doesn’t work out, she’s going to go into standup comedy.

  • Emily Bull


    Product Management Associate

    Joining our team for the third time as a Product Management Associate, Emily is the in house writer (kind of) / person who does whatever she is told to do. She loves books, books, and more books.

  • Martin Crawford


    Director of Engineering

    Maker of software by day, maker of music by night. Martin plays guitar and lap steel for his band.

  • Peony Gerochi


    Front-end Developer

    When not building web applications or solving problems, Peony enjoys powerlifting, boxing and snowboarding.

  • Jeff Lindquist


    Application Developer

    In his spare time, Jeff plays ultimate frisbee "professionally" for a team called the Toronto Rush, and also for the Canadian national team.

  • Alex Voloshin


    Operations Specialist

    Alex, aka “Russian Rocket” works closely with our application developers and engineering team to manage application releases as well as configure and support the network and cloud-based server side infrastructure. In his off time he likes to tear it up in Clash of Clans.

  • Paul Buen


    Web Designer

    Paul joined ClearFit as a web designer in 2013. He's also designed websites for the CBC and Masterfile Corporation. When not eyeball-deep in CSS, he loves to watch live bands, find cool/funny/weird stuff online, snowboard (badly), and play the ukulele (also badly).

  • Keerthana Vijayan


    QA Lead

    Keerthana helps in testing the product before it goes live and ensures the product is bug free. When she's not bug hunting, she loves reading, cooking, badminton and shoe shopping!

  • Donald Cowper


    Head of Content Marketing

    After a brief stint as a child actor on SCTV Donald went back to school and had to do homework like everyone else. Sometime later, he became an entrepreneur, business coach, best-selling author and content marketing professional. He enjoys playing the piano and thinks food is delicious.

  • Sydney Finn


    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Sydney helps ClearFit reach new customers through search engine marketing and analyzes all the data to see what works. She's also a huge animal lover.

  • Steve Watt


    Director, Marketing and Customer Success

    Steve loves disruptive businesses that deliver great customer experiences. @steve_watt1

  • Jordan Resnick



    Jordan joined ClearFit as a copyeditor and project manager in March, 2012. He now helps out with all sorts of content-related odds and ends, such as articles, blogs, emails, videos, ads, and more.

  • You


    Our next Rock Star

    We’re creating a revolution in hiring — come be part of it! We're often looking for developers, sales professionals, and relationship managers.

Our Values

Our vision is a world where the right people are in the right jobs, resulting in happier employees and more productive organizations.

Bring passion

We speak up because we want to do what’s right for our customers and the company.

Keep improving

We think big, constantly learning and growing, because good isn’t good enough.

Be fair

We treat everyone with respect, putting ourselves in their shoes and aiming for a win-win.

Best idea rules

We bring out the best in each other, because it’s not about ego, it’s about doing what’s best for the business.

Have fun

We’re not always funny, but we enjoy laughing together and at ourselves.