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ClearFit is revolutionizing hiring for small and medium-sized businesses, by making it fast and easy for anyone to find and hire employees that succeed. Our vision is a world where the right people are in the right jobs, resulting in happier employees and more productive organizations.

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Ben Baldwin


Founder & Co-CEO

Ben is the Founder and Co-CEO of ClearFit. He’s founded two successful software companies, holds multiple patents, is an active writer, speaker, and startup mentor… and ex-rower who lost a bet that he could cox an eight without sinking it.

Jamie Schneiderman


Founder & Co-CEO

Jamie is a Harvard MBA with over 18 years experience building Fortune 500 businesses such as Procter Gamble and Coca-Cola as well as tech startups. He loves eating from the kids’ menu but hates hugs from anyone other than family.

Wilson Lee



As CFO at ClearFit, Wilson works closely with the management team to help set our financial targets and then track our performance. When he is not doing CFO stuff, he likes to jam with his ’59 Les Paul guitar and turn the volume up to “11.”

Michal Berman


Chief of Staff

Mic accelerates ClearFit’s growth and scales its operations along with the leadership team. She runs an organic vegetable and spice farm outside of Guelph with her husband and loves deep discussions about meaningful topics like art, science, love, and laughter.

Carolyn Mably


Manager – Finance & Admin

Carolyn is responsible for EVERYTHING… invoicing, reporting, payroll, and day-to-day office activities. She plays and loves to watch tennis, and is also anxiously awaiting the Stanley Cup’s return to Toronto!

Noam Hamovitch


Hiring Coach

As a Hiring Coach, Noam assists employers through the hiring process and is one of our account managers. Born and raised in Toronto, you can find him carrying out shut downs on the basketball court.

Ciarán Hehir


Hiring Coach

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, he moved to Toronto in 2013 and became a Hiring Coach with ClearFit. As a dedicated sports fanatic, Ciaran is also a passionate and avid “Hurler” (Irish National Sport), which he has played from a young age.

Erin Noll


Hiring Coach Intern

Erin is a Hiring Coach Intern, born and raised in Waterloo, and is studying Psychology and Business at the University of Waterloo. When she’s not studying, she competes at an elite national level in synchronized swimming.

Kim Phelan


VP Product Management

As VP of Product Management, Kim’s goal is to create a remarkable experience for every customer. Over the last fifteen years, she has honed her craft at some great tech companies. In her spare time Kim dabbles in interior decorating, watercolour, and craft beers.

Simon Jalbert


Associate Product Manager

Hailing from the East Coast, Simon joined the ClearFit team in December of 2012. Prior to joining ClearFit, Simon was CFO and Co-Founder of Talem Health Solutions, a tech-health startup. In his spare time, you can find him on the basketball court shooting hoops.

Fabien Barrillot


Product Analyst

Fab is a data masher and super tall French dude. He was previously a continent-hopping student and business consultant through a Master’s degree in Innovation Management.

Austin Ziegler


Senior Developer

Austin is a natural fit on the development team at ClearFit, having first started programming in 1984. When not at the computer, he enjoys photography, travel, and writing; and can often be found in the kitchen making tasty vegetarian dishes and desserts.

Sean Miller


Senior Developer

Sean is a senior developer and software architect at ClearFit; he eats impossible code problems for breakfast and something more sensible for lunch. His love of elegant code was enhanced by taking a doctorate in Anglo-Saxon Norse and Celtic at Cambridge.

Matthew Stevens


Software Developer

Matt is a software developer at ClearFit working daily with JavaScript and Ruby. When not basking in the glow of a computer screen Matt can be found running, snowboarding, or cooking up something delicious.

Alan Cerclier


BI Analyst

Simply put, Alan is ClearFit’s resident Data Yoda. He joined ClearFit in 2013 to dig into all the data, make sense of it, and ultimately enable smart data-driven decisions. Alan was born in Brittany, France, and enjoys traditional Breton dance and music of the pipes and bombard.

Sina Jahan


Senior Developer

As a senior developer at ClearFit, Sina rebuilds, fixes, and ships software on a daily basis. In his spare time, he’s an avid reader, claiming that he can recommend a book on just about any topic in which you’re interested.

Joe Drew


UI/UX Developer

Joe makes ClearFit’s web app swoosh. When he’s not deep in the code mines, he’s helping make Toronto a better place to live by volunteering his time at Cycle Toronto and CodeRedTO.

Izzat Bamieh


QA Lead

As QA lead, Izzy’s eagle eyes detect bugs and usability issues, then assigns tasks to the developers to fix them. Because of this, he thinks everyone hates him but we all know he’s a sweet and loveable person.

Denny Hoang


QA Intern

Experimental Co-op Student #5 is how he sees himself but he is officially known as the QA intern. Why five? Well that’s his lucky number. Writing test scripts is his job but this mostly consists of learning. In other words, a student that writes the tests instead of taking them.

Ted Kozma


System Administrator

Ted joined ClearFit in June of 2013 as a System Administrator and is always willing to help no matter how many fires he is putting out. A true polyglot, Ted can speak six different languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Mitch Solway


VP Marketing

Mitch loves building Canadian brands. Prior to joining the ClearFit team Mitch lead marketing for Lavalife, FreshBooks, and Vidyard. He likes Texas hold’em, and magic.

Justin Norris


Director – CRM

Justin is ClearFit’s CRM expert. He spends his day helping create remarkable customer experiences and wants every customer to be a customer for life.

Matthew Ames


Director – Customer Acquisition

Digital marketing strategist with expertise in maximizing return on investment at all levels of the marketing funnel through deep insights and a quantitative metrics driven approach. #thatsamouthfull

Sydney Finn


Digital Marketing Specialist

Sydney helps ClearFit reach new customers through search engine marketing and analyzes all the data to see what works. She’s also a huge animal lover.

Paul Buen


Web Designer

Paul joined ClearFit as a web designer in 2013. He’s also designed websites for the CBC and Masterfile Corporation. When not eyeball-deep in CSS, he loves to watch live bands, find cool/funny/weird stuff online, snowboard (badly), and play the ukulele (also badly).

Jordan Resnick



Jordan joined ClearFit as a copyeditor and project manager in March, 2012. He now helps out with all sorts of content-related odds and ends, such as articles, blogs, emails, videos, ads, and more.



Our next rockstar

We’re creating a revolution in hiring — come be part of it! We’re often looking for developers, marketers, and Hiring Coaches. Visit our ClearFit Careers page for current openings.


  • Ben founds an employee screening software business that helps large employers learn more about hiring employees who “fit” their culture and how to recruit more people like them.


  • Ben’s clientele expands to F500 like GlaxoSmithKline, Xerox, and Nike.


  • Ben’s Fortune 500 clientele expands across North America, South America, Europe and Asia and hundreds of thousands of job applicants.


  • Realizing that job fit is even more critical for small and medium-sized businesses, Ben starts work on a hiring solution for small businesses.


  • Ben connects for lunch with Jamie—a friend and small business marketing expert—and together they create ClearFit: software that makes hiring employees easy for any business.


  • Ben and Jamie team up with Dr. Jerry, an internationally-recognized industrial-organizational PhD, to build a new breed of hiring solution for finding employees who are best-suited for small business.


  • Robert joins ClearFit as Technical Director and helps assemble an “A” team.
  • Andrew joins ClearFit as the Lead Developer, as we select the cutting edge computer language Ruby on Rails to code our site.


  • ClearFit is awarded with U.S. Patent No. 7,502,748 B1, for using software to match the right candidates with the right jobs, based on behavioral/personality fit.
  • ClearFit applies for additional patents on its self-serve job profile customization system.
  • Version 1.0 of ClearFit’s job fit system is launched to the public.
  • Gloria joins ClearFit and begins to give its interface some design TLC. It’s love at first pixel.
  • Following many, many revisions and rebuilds, Version 2.0 is launched at the end of the year.
  • ClearFit quickly reaches 350 customers.


  • IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information and consumer technology market calls ClearFit a company to watch.
  • ClearFit launches the revolutionary “Career Finder” tool for career seekers. It uses behavioral science to analyze how their personality fits with their current job, compared with any other job they choose. Is the grass greener?
  • ClearFit expands small business content and solutions through strategic alliances with international players in the small business market.
  • ClearFit surpasses the 1,000 client milestone, mostly through referrals from happy customers.


  • ClearFit surpasses 1,700 customers.
  • Another third-party endorsement from IDC, as ClearFit is named to IDC’s 10 Cloud Companies to Watch for 2011.
  • Stay tuned for news on some big deals that will be announced soon.


  • ClearFit receives endorsement from the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada.
  • ClearFit creates success profiles from top performers in the construction industry.
  • ClearFit launches ClearFit for Construction.


  • ClearFit secures $7 million in Series A funding round from GrandBanks Capital and Relay Ventures.

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