How It Works

How It Works
Clone Your Top Employees
  • Easily Find and Hire the Right Employees

    5 easy steps to find candidates that fit.

    • Easy Job Description Creation

      No matter what role you’re looking to fill, with the ClearFit Job Description Wizard you’ll have a job description proven to perform and ready to go in less than five minutes.

    • One Click Job Posting

      No matter where your candidates are searching, ClearFit will find them. With ClearFit, your jobs get sponsored listings on the major job search engines and premium placements across 30+ job boards. All with one click and for less than it would cost to purchase the listings on your own.

    • Watch the Candidates Roll In

      As candidates apply to your job they’ll complete our 12 to 15 minute survey that allows the ClearFit magic to happen. All applications are then organized in your ClearFit account where you can sort them by best fit, application date, or candidate name.

    • Instantly Identify Top Candidates

      Stop piling through stacks of resumes. ClearFit’s patented job-fit technology will instantly identify which applicants are most likely to succeed. It’s proven to be 5X more effective at predicting success than traditional hiring – and it’s super easy.

    • Do It Again

      Keep your job running if you need to continually hire for that role, or add additional jobs to fill other open positions you might have. In all cases ClearFit will make hiring employees that succeed fast and easy.

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    • Dedicated Hiring Coaches to ensure your hiring experience is successful and stress-free.
    • Customized Interview Questions to ensure you’re equipped with the most important interview questions to ask each candidate.
    • Mobile and Remote Access to applicant results from any computer or mobile device.
  • Clone Your Top Employees with ClearFit

    When you know what makes your stars shine, it's remarkably easy to
    identify people that are built the same way.

    If you've ever found yourself saying "I wish I had more Donalds (or Carols or Steves or Jeffs)" when you were looking at building your best possible team or even your company, you're not alone.

    ClearFit's patented predictive job matching software allows you to identify the attributes of your most productive and top performing employees in any role, on any team, and use this benchmark data to hire more employees that share these winning attributes.

    ClearFit is particularly effective for:

    • Sales and customer service/support roles
    • Organizations with a high orientation around culture and fit
    • Companies experiencing accelerated employee growth and demands
    Heather Gingerich, Director of Employee, Community Engagement at Peoplecare Inc.

    "ClearFit has almost become part of our culture."

    Heather Gingerich, Director of Employee, Community Engagement at peopleCare Inc.

    Why ClearFit works

    • It's built on the truth

      The data comes from your own
      top performers.

    • Nobody gets overlooked

      Every applicant is scored so you never miss a star in the stack.

    • Fit matters

      More top performers = stronger results and a stronger company.

    Ready to see what makes your
    top performers shine?

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  • Introducing ClearFit Concierge

    Our full service program that delivers qualified candidates just like a recruiter, but at a fraction of the cost.

    Need to find and hire the right employees, but stretched for time? ClearFit’s Concierge service could be right for you.

    ClearFit’s Concierge service uses ClearFit’s patented technology to help you find and hire the right employees, but is managed fully by a ClearFit Hiring Expert. Each week we deliver you a short list of pre-screened high-fit candidates for your role. It’s the most comprehensive service we offer.

    With ClearFit Concierge your dedicated
    Hiring Expert will:

    • Assist in creating the ideal job description
    • Actively manage the promotion of your job to bring in the most qualified applicants
    • Expertly use our ClearFit software to identify the top applicants
    • Deliver a short list of pre-screened applicants each week
    • Include a detailed report and suggested interview questions for all top applicants
    • Conduct reference checks for all candidate finalists
    Shari Missman Miller, Business Manager at NogginLabs, Inc.

    “I just wish I would have found ClearFit before I paid a recruiter thousands of dollars for a candidate that was hired – and doesn’t work here any longer. I’ve hired 10 employees now with ClearFit, at a fraction of the cost, and they are all still here.”

    Shari Missman Miller, Business Manager at NogginLabs, Inc.

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    a recruiter, at a fraction of the cost?

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