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How ClearFit Makes Hiring the Right People Painless

Easy Job Description Creation

No matter what role you’re looking to fill, with the ClearFit Job Description Wizard you’ll have a job description proven to perform and ready to go in less than five minutes.

One Click Job Posting

No matter where your candidates are searching, ClearFit will find them. With ClearFit, your jobs get sponsored listings on the major job search engines and premium placements across 30+ job boards. All with one click and for less than it would cost to purchase the listings on your own.

Watch the Candidates Roll In

As candidates apply to your job they’ll complete our 12 to 15 minute survey that allows the ClearFit magic to happen. All applications are then organized in your ClearFit account where you can sort them by best fit, application date, or candidate name.

Instantly Identify Top Candidates

Stop piling through stacks of resumes. ClearFit’s patented job-fit technology will instantly identify which applicants are most likely to succeed. It’s proven to be 5X more effective at predicting success than traditional hiring – and it’s super easy.

Clone Your Top Employees

Find more employees that perform like your best. ClearFit’s patented predictive job matching software allows you to identify the attributes of your most productive and top performing employees in any role, on any team, and use this benchmark data to hire more employees that share these winning attributes. Request A Demo


  • Dedicated Hiring Coaches to ensure your hiring experience is successful and stress-free.
  • Customized Interview Questions to ensure you’re equipped with the most important interview questions to ask each candidate.
  • Mobile and Remote Access to applicant results from any computer or mobile device.

All Bundles Include

Exclusive to ClearFit

  • Access to 1,000’s of ClearFit job-matching profiles
  • Applicants ranked and sorted instantly on best fit
  • Know instantly which candidates to interview
  • Custom interview questions for each candidate
  • Award winning customer support
  • Reposting as needed to keep your job on top
  • Regular check-ins to ensure you’re getting the right applicants


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited candidates
  • Unlimited hires per job

Free Features

  • Job description builder
  • Skills & experience filtering
  • Comments, ratings, stages
  • New candidate notifications

A few of the Job Boards we post to

Some job boards we post to

*Additional charges apply for Monster and LinkedIn


Is there a monthly subscription fee?

No, there are no monthly subscription fees. You only pay per job and there are no limits on how many job applicants you can hire from any job listing.

Do you offer discounts for purchasing multiple bundles?

Yes! If you plan on hiring for several roles please contact us and we’ll put together a custom package just for you.

What is the “Clone your employees” option?

Ever think “It would be great if I could have more people like this particular employee”? Well, now you can! With our clone feature, you can profile your best employees and find more that have the same core strengths as they do. It’s the best way to ramp up your team with high performers.

What are Hiring Coaches?

Every employer that creates a ClearFit account is assigned a dedicated Hiring Coach. Your Hiring Coach has helped employers fill hundreds of roles and will work directly with you to ensure that your job description, posting, package and results meet or exceed your expectations. They’re evaluated on YOUR success.